The Project


The Anura project is a social ecological project, which aims to collect donations to realize a sucessfull startup. For bigger investments we also offers shares of the to be founded company. In the project organization and preperation many people are involved. Our volunteers are all renewable energy experts.

Renewable energy at its best!
The Anura project wants to led into a global operating organization, mainly producing high quality, high efficient solar water heaters, offering affordable qualitative renewable energy sollutions and consultion. The design, the ease of installation and the efficiency makes this new solar water heater unique and the best ever build.
 > The prototype was awarded

    the prestigious Energy Globe



We also understand ourselfs as environmental consultans. Thus, we also want to offer renewable energy consultion and affiliated solutions.


The Project:

This project is the first of its kind. We are a bunch of people, with a wide spread knowledge and multilanguage skills, working for the same target. We all want to implement social green solutions worldwide. In this project not only the ecological, but also the social aspects are very important. Once we managed to raise the needed funds we want to employ people with social disadvantages for the production side. Their payment will be more than fair and above local standards and rates.

Our main product, the unique solar hot water system is so easy to assemble, that it can be assembled (nearly) by anyone.


For the near future we plan to produce this system at local production sites all around the globe, teaching locals how to assemble and best to use this solar hot water heater. When producing at local production sites, we will save transportation and emissions, give local people jobs and will do our part in making this planet greener and more social!

For the consultion and most installation jobs we will be using our own workmanship.


These are our basic project ideas :


- Renewable and clean energy for all!

- Fair, green and social jobs

- Worldwide renewable energy

  consultion, production and installation


The Competence Team

The Anura Project multi cultural competence team consist of lawyears, accountants, architects, energy efficiency engineers, mechanical engineers and renewable energy students. The competence team  speaks fluently english, german, russian, turkish, arabic and spanish. They all have work experience in their expertise fields, most of them working for well know german companies and NGOs such as Siemens, Vattenfall, Biotronic, Schultz Project Consult, Biogascouncil and more.  Most of them are also active within different NGOs and political parties. We count experience in most renewable energy fields such as:


- Solarthermals

- Photovoltaics

- Hydropower (not Hydrothermals)

- Windenergy

- Biomass (BTL / Biogas)


When we combine these experience fields with our  multilingual skills, it makes us very attractive service providers.


Unfortunately we are not rich or wealthy so we have to raise the start up capital by ourselves. As our earnings are limited and our daily living consumes nearly all the rest of it, we are not able to realize this project without your help!

We all have put in already many years of research, studies, uncountable working hours, and also pivate savings.  We need to raise at least 100.000 € for a realistic sustainable project basement. If we are able to raise more, it will be even much better. So, please dont hesitate to donate a certain amount for this project.


Thank you very much for your help.

sign henrik

Henrik Personn

Project Manager


USD ($):


EUR (€):


For those wanting to invest in a unique and much promissing start up, please see our INVESTORS section.


The Product

The worlds best solar water heater:

Easy installable, high efficient, affordable solar hot water for the world!

The prices of available solar thermal systems are either to high, the installation to tricky and complicated for low educated installers, the efficiency to low, the quality of the systems too poor and the good systems are for transportation purposes too heavy.

The worlds best solar water heater, also called "sun extreme" is our mainsun extreme eyecatcher.

The system is compact, efficient and easy installable as it comes ready assembled, perfect for plug & play.

It saves installers much of installation effort, buyers can save lots of money due to saved installation costs. We can benefit as we are producing and offering this unique system. A win win situation for all!


But what makes our system so unique?  Read here a short history and technical basics about our system:


As energy becomes more expensive, CO2 pollution is more evident than ever and also taking in consideration the fact that installation of proper solar equipment needs qualified staff, we realized that we need to work on a new product whereas the installation process is simplified, the quality and efficiency raised and the buying cost and weight lowered.

Once such a solar water heater would be available, these systems could be easily made available to all the people in need. Rural areas could be easier supplied with hot water and could become more common, the modern world would have a cheaper and more efficient option for solar water heating. The social / economic gains for a potential customer are clear: Solar energy is for free, the money for fossil energies could be saved! The use of fossil energy for hot water production could be lowered enormous and the environment could be saved from tons of CO2 poison.

Our calculations resulted in 15.675 kg CO2 savings over a expected lifetime of 25 years (substitue fuel: coal).

Such a system could be used anywhere in the world without having difficulties due to installation troubles, buying price or limited efficiency and low quality.


In 1999 we combined a flat plate collector with a copper heat exchanger which was integrated in an upright water tank. We adapted the heat pipe technology in a flat plate collector. The heat pipe technology is more common in evacuated tubes, the technology comparison you will find in the ZIP download. The usage of an upright storage tank secures that the hot water is immediate at the hot water outlet point. Our prototype system was able to produce hot water after 10 - 15 min of sunlight exposure.


First garage system, 1999:

First systemgarage production


First commercial systems, 1999 - 2000:

first commercial system first commercial systems

In the year 2004 we decided that it would be best to go into mass production so that we can supply the higher demand and reach a bigger customer base. We signed an agreement with a Turkish company which granted us a stable income for our invention. The systems where installed in hundreds in Turkey and have also been sold to Spain, Italy, Austria, USA, Nigeria and some other countries.


 First industrial production 2004: 

Industrial ProductionIndustial ProductionEnd product

Our first systems (also test systems) are still working without any difficulties. Unfortunately the license agreement with the turkish producer was terminated in the year 2007 due to the lack of agreed license payments.

For more technical and operational information please see the file

"Anuraproject solar water heater technical ENG" in the ZIP file.


Planed other products and services:

We plan to distribute and offer also certain other renewable energy products, such as:

- Photovoltaic modules

- Inverters

- Small wind turbines

- Batteries

- Cables


For the consulting and project services we plan to consult in following areas:

- Solarpower

- Windpower

- Hydropower

- Biomass

- Renewable energy aspects


We have good contacts to producers, planers and decision makers in various renewable energy companies. They will be able to serve on demand and help us with generated projects. This will be profitable for both sides and our customers.



Donate or Invest

Why should you invest or donate?

Here are a few basic answers:


- Social - ecological investment:

   A ground-breaking product and

  other renewable energy products

- Fair and social employment

- Great incentive for a cleaner and greener


- Your donation will be used 100 % for the

   project and not the runnig costs (as we

   cover them ourselfs).

- Your donation is the start to a unique

    success story!


We have already invested a lot of time, money and lots of heartblood! We had some good times and unfortunately also some backstrokes. But all this made us stronger and tough.


If you like our project,  then please dont hesitate to use the donate button right here and donate a certain ammount. All donations will be going into the project funds. All donations will be listed on our home servers, and can be shown at any time - this is our  full transparency policy.



USD ($):


EUR (€):



For those wanting to invest in a unique and much promissing start up, please see our INVESTORS section.


Thank you very much for helping us to make this happen!


BTW: We want to list our supporters in our sponsors section. If you want to be listed, you are kindly asked to leave us your logo, your website and contact details.


It is also planned to link this project to several crowdfunding sites.



You may download the password protected informative ZIP file including:

- Businessplan (pdf - GERMAN!)

- Presentation of the worlds best solar

   water heater "sun extreme" (pptx)

- Description, technical details and the

  advantages of the worlds best solar water

  heater (pdf)


Important note:

Please get in touch with us so we can send you the password for the file.

It would be very kind of you if you could give us some information about yourself so we can see who is grabbing our infos :o)


Click to download the  ZIP File


Contact us for the password:

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This project is against:





Waterheating through fossil energy


Co2 Emission 

CO2 Emissions 

Awards, Awards, Awards.. 3 times in a row...

Energy Globe 2006

Henrik Personn receiving the Energy Globe Award from Dr. Paul Rübig in the European Parliament in Brussels. The winner project was the first zero energy House of Cyprus, which was build between 2003 - 2005.

Energy Globe 2007

Peter Personn receiving the prize one year later again in the European Parliament, and again Mr. Dr. Paul Rübig was the prize presenter. The winning project was the Worlds best solar water heater, which also plays a key role in the Anura Project.

Energy Globe 2008

Henrik Personn receiving the prize in Prag, the project awarded was an Low Energy House for Cyprus. This project included the renovating of an old cyprus village House with all means of energy saving and renewable energy aspects.

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You are welcome to help  our project. Please feel free to donate any ammount.

Thank you very much! 


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