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Renewable energy at its best!
The Anura project is a social ecological project, which aims to collect donations to realize a sucessfull project startup. For bigger investments we also offers shares of the project.

The Anura project wants to led into a global operating organization, mainly producing high quality, high efficient solar water heaters and offering affordable renewable energy sollutions, offering these services all around the World! The design, the ease of installation and the efficiency makes this new solar water heater unique and the best ever build.

 > The prototype was awarded

    the prestigious Energy Globe




Not only the ecological, but also the social aspects are very important for us. Once we raised the needed funds for this project, we plan to employ people with social disadvantages. Our main product, the unique solar hot water system is so easy to assemble, that it can be assembled (nearly) by anyone.

For the near future we plan to produce this system at local production sites all around the globe, teaching locals how to assemble and best to use this solar hot water heater. When producing at local production sites, we will save transportation and emissions, give local people jobs and will do our part in making this planet greener and more social!


We hope to raise a start capital of 100.000 € through donations and aproximatly 2 Million € through venture capital and bank credits.

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Henrik Personn and friends
Henrik Personn is a worker bee and the project developer. In his early ages during college he worked at windsurfing and diving schools to financially unburden his parents. In high school he worked early morings in the central fruit market to pay for his studies. During his renewable energy studies in Germany he co-founded AGD Solar Trading Ltd. in Cyprus, whereEnergyglobe 2008 he was a co-developer of the first zero energy house and co-invented a high efficient solar thermal system, the best solar water heater of the world. He and his  brother received 3 times in a row the prestigious Energy Globe Award. Returning back to Germany he worked for a big solar company, and founded hp-energy consult. At present he is permanently appointed at the German Biogascouncil and Schultz Project Consult. Besides this he is very active within his project team caring and steering the ongoing project.


Henriks multicultural competence team consist of lawyears, accountants, architects, energy efficiency engineers, mechanical engineers and renewable energy students. The competence team  speaks fluently english, german, russian, turkish, arabic and spanish. They all have vast experience in their expertise fields, most of them working for well know german industry companies such as Siemens, Biotronic, Schultz Projekt Consult, Biogascouncil or Vattenfall besides beeing also active in political parties and NGOs.

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We have already invested a lot of time, money and lots of heartblood! We had some good times and unfortunately also some backstrokes. But all this made us stronger and tough.


If you like our project,  then please dont hesitate to use the donate button right here and donate a certain ammount. All donations will be going into the project funds. All donations will be listed on our home servers, and can be shown at any time - this is our  full transparency policy.


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For those wanting to invest in a unique and much promissing start up, please see our INVESTORS section.


Thank you very much for helping us to make this happen!


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It is also planned to link this project to several crowdfunding sites.



Awards, Awards, Awards.. 3 times in a row...

Energy Globe 2006

Henrik Personn receiving the Energy Globe Award from Dr. Paul Rübig in the European Parliament in Brussels. The winner project was the first zero energy House of Cyprus, which was build between 2003 - 2005.

Energy Globe 2007

Peter Personn receiving the prize one year later again in the European Parliament, and again Mr. Dr. Paul Rübig was the prize presenter. The winning project was the Worlds best solar water heater, which also plays a key role in the Anura Project.

Energy Globe 2008

Henrik Personn receiving the prize in Prag, the project awarded was an Low Energy House for Cyprus. This project included the renovating of an old cyprus village House with all means of energy saving and renewable energy aspects.

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